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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manda is forgetful and sorry

So, given all your activity of late, I doubt you'll remember one of the things I said in my last post: "I'll keep you updated on my progress." I certainly forgot it completely!

I've been chugging along, splurging more than I should but still less than I used to. I've got a nice winter-belly-baby going, but the rest of me is the same. So, let's pretend I haven't neglected my posting promise for the last few months, and start over.

Last time, I weighed: 71.1
Current Weight: 71.6
Weight change since last time: a gain of 500 grams
What I'll do now: Stop being such a food pushover.

You know when you finally learn that
when your housemate/husband/girlfriends offer you that piece of cake/chocolate ice cream/Cadbury creme egg, you are within your legal rights to turn it down
and you feel liberated, like suddenly it's actually your decision?
I learned that two years ago, and instituted a No Sugar in Public Rule (NSPR), which basically meant all my sweet things were sweet things I actually wanted to eat, and fit into my food points. It worked wonders (the decision being already made for me) and I lost more weight than usual. But I seem to have forgotten again.

But now I remember. This week, when my housemates offer me junk, I have often turned it down. Watch this:
Georgeous housemate: I'm going to have a crunchie.
Other georgeous housemate: Oooh, me too! Manda, do you want one?
Me: No thanks.
O.G.Housemate (cheerfully): Yeah, I thought you wouldn't.

What just happened? Are things turning around? Am I finally getting to a point where I'm actually going to do something about my Winterbaby?

(Note: this is the first step of many that must occur for me to get to my goal. It doesn't matter how much I turn down from others if I pig out alone.)

Oh, and one more thing:
Modified, realistic goal for winter: 68 kilos. That means I have to lose just under three kilos over the next two months.

Whoops, and one more note: I am holding off on the NSPR for the moment - just turning down more of the 10 desserts offered to me in an average week.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

Hello everyone!

So impressed to see so many of you here and powering on!

I, on the other hand, have not been powering on.

But it's time for (another) fresh start, I even bought scales this week!!

I am reasonably pleased with the fact that I weigh about the same as I did when I stopped all this, haven't lost anything but haven't really gained either...that's good.

Let's see where I am at on Wednesday, hey?! Wish me luck :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I don't want to talk about it!

I did weigh-in this morning. Now at 72.2kg.

I'm claiming that I built muscle mass this week. I rowed 4 times.

I'm claiming that sawdust has a high calorific content, because I've been madly sanding.

However, it is possibly due to a couple of days eating my head off. I need to stop eating (well, okay, slow down with what I'm eating - not stop altogether).

New week, new start. Going to a child's birthday party tomorrow. Chances that any good intentions that are floating around my brain will be transformed into actual self-control at a party?

... Mmmmm?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday (Femina)

Yes, I know, it's not Wednesday but I did weigh myself on Wednesday; I just didn't get around to posting.

Last week: 72.3kg
This week: 72.3kg

Difference.... zero, which means NO GAIN. Nope, it's not weight loss but maintaining my weight for one week is a bit of a win for me right now.  It's all good.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bustin' Outta the Fat Pants

On Sunday I decided that maybe, with the baby so jolly big now, I might try my old Fat Pants on. Lovely tailored black slacks in a gorgeous fabric: large size. I haven't worn them for ever so long, because they sailed off me and hit the floor about two years ago. And I've believed that my girth hasn't changed all that much since then.

I wasn't prepared for the fact that they would be so tight on me. Okay, so of course I was going to find the zipper a bit tight with Thingamababy sitting large and unmoveable down there, but it was the butt and thighs that shocked me. Squeezy fit, with no chance for the zip to go up at all.

And yet, my overall weight sits around 71kg.

So I guess I'm still losing unwanted pieces of me from my upper arms and around my neck (yay!) while all things baby-related continue to blossom at a frightening rate. I currently look to be about full-term. I am 26 weeks tomorrow.

I'm not dieting at all, and am eating quite well for the baby, trying to stick to healthy foods and limit bad foods. In order to do this I cook up a vegetarian meal for dinner about 4 nights a week, and have lean meats the other 3 nights. This hasn't been working well. Adding a bit of bacon or chicken does not a vegetarian meal make. (But - "Yum!")

I have also had NOTHING sweet in the house except a packet each of Ginger Nuts, Scotch Fingers and Shredded Wheatmeals. You know you're trying to wean yourself off sweet stuff when you leave Shredded Wheatmeals as one of the final biscuits in the house. However this has only driven me to consume much more Milo than reasonable, and we've nearly run out of the Ginger Nuts and Scotch Fingers.

The children have been very challenging so tonight I decided to self-medicate with chocolate. We did a quick trip to Woollies for chocolate and the behaviour there was so appalling that I think I will never go back. Even when they're having a treat bought for them, they carry on like they are King and Queen of the World and they have passed an edict outlawing discipline in all forms. Disgraceful.

But good news here: after not-much sweet stuff for a while, a small chocolate binge was all I needed. It helped.

Weigh-In Woe (Femina)

I was all prepared to avoid the weigh-in indefinitely but decided to put on my Big Girl Pants and be brave. Hmmm... "big girl pants" has a different connotation on a weight loss blog, doesn't it? I meant my "grown up girl pants" but that doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway, I digress...

Last time: 71.0kg
Today: 72.3kg
Difference: 1.3kg gain

Ouch.  What can I say? I have eaten lavishly of things that should be eaten sparingly and eaten sparingly of things that are good and healthy and should sustain me.  This feels like real weight gain too, not one of those "gosh, I'm heavier this week - I wonder why?" gains.  I haven't exercised - heck, I've barely moved at all unless it's vital. Even when I don't go to the gym I usually walk a fair bit but it's been cold and rainy and I've been lazy... and I'm feeling the difference in my body, which might be an incentive to start moving again.

After today I have 6 days off work. At least one of those days will be spent catching up on sleep but for the others I am planning a couple of day trips here and there and lots of walking.  And maybe I'll cut down on the hot chocolates too.  Maybe....

Weigh-In Wednesday (Eizelby)

Last time: 69.5
Today: 70
So: a gain of .5kg


Okay, this might look bad, as my last two have been gains, but on the bright side I've been eating like a teenage boy and I've only gained half a kilo in three weeks.

Somehow this number gives me hope! I'm not going to list a bunch of promises I probably won't keep, not for now at least, but instead will just say this: last night I had a light dinner after a heavy breakfast and lunch, and went to bed with the strongest desire to eat the bag of cookies stashed in my cupboard. I was awake for two hours thinking about those cookies. At one stage I even had my hands on the bag ... but I woke up this morning having not let even one pass my lips. Hooray for slight progress!