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Operation Skinny Cow was born after a few of us in Blogland decided it might be nice to lose some weight and/or get a bit fitter. We decided it would be even nicer if we encouraged each other along the way.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

So now I'm REALLY back... (HJ)

... to 76kg.

400g post-Lent splurge.

But the good news for my weight loss is that I really need to check out the allergies again because life is getting ridiculous.

And I happen to know that elimination diets are really quite good for weight loss, even if I don't make the time to exercise!

Thinking about starting Monday, because I really need to see if the hayfevery nose and eyes, itchy inner ears and sore throatiness have anything to do with what I'm eating. I'm suspicious due to a couple of 30mins after eating chocolate mucous attack incidents.

That's entirely forgetting the itchy spots which are currently within the parameters of what I'm prepared to put up with, but are definitely present.

The other option, of course, would be to vacuum and dust the house and wash the dog.

That's also down for some action on Monday. I LOVE public holidays!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Way Again LLL

Hi All,
Last week I did get all my eating out of the way I even had some toasted Sultana Bread just to get the taste again. The Easter Bunny did bring me a Mars Bar which I ate, so by Monday a.m. I had no excuse not to start the diet again.
Tuesday we had a business trip away and we took lunch so I could control my eating. I felt on tuesday that the taste in my mouth had changed so maybe something was happening. Well was it.!!
I have redeemed April for loss. I had been around 64.2 for most of the month and last week was down a little. Well, drum roll please, today I am 62.9kg, having lost 1 kg in the last 2 days. This is what should happen with this diet but in Oct it didn't so I wasn't expecting it this time. I am doing more exercise now than I was then. So in April I lost 1.3 and that helps make up some that didn't happen in March.
I will stay on this phase of the diet for 2 weeks so I still have some time to go yet.
Yesterday I started looking at winter clothes, well my jumpers, of the 3 I regularly wore, 1 I have pulled apart and am reknitting SMALLER and the other 2 are out. But, I found in the bottom of my camphor chest a couple of jumpers that haven't been worn for years. So I can now sport a couple of new one, no one will remember them.
My blouses and slacks are still a sad story, til I get sewing.
So until next week all you Skinny Cow Girls, I am a very happy girl.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lent. (HJ)

I've never been from a tradition where you give things up for lent.

But I do believe in trying different things that might put me in a space where I'm more open to what God might be doing, so I decided to give it a go. Now, I don't believe it has to be food. It's anything that we don't think we can live without: maybe reading or TV or buying things. Anything that could get in the road of a good relationship with God.

When I thought about it, though. I realised that for me at this time it is food. So I gave up added sugar for Lent. Not cheating with all the fake sugar products, but still allowing fruit and other naturally occurring sugar.

I survived my birthday, two conference/seminary things, two family get-togethers, and my niece's dedication without succumbing to temptation. I was doing quite well, really.

Yesterday I said 'no' to hot cross buns on the same principle, not going to break my Lenten fast with only two more sleeps to go, only to be informed by our former Minister (who has Catholic family members) that Lenten fasts finish on Palm Sunday.

Like, last Sunday.

So protestants can't be trusted with Lenten fasts. We really don't know what we do.

Oh, and I forgot to weigh-in. Next week. But I haven't put on any extra weight with all the activities above, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The weather has been splendid! (GdeE)

Hello all!  I am back.  Happy Easter to all!

Six weeks ago I had a conversation with Emily Sue about food issues, and a few days later I had a conversation with another friend, B, about fashion issues.  During both conversations, I found that I was unable to conjure up any issues.

I had to admit that although I have lumpy dumpy bits and would love them gone so I could start looking good in clothes, I'm not all hung up about it.  I don't care about my appearance all that much, because I have an inherent belief in my worth, Fatty-Fatty-Boombah or not.  I don't have emotional issues with weight, food, clothes, makeup, hair or anything.  I just KNOW that I'm just fine with God, with my loved ones and with ME, whether I lose these kilos or not.  Losing the wobbly bits would be icing on the cake.

The only reason why I'm so keen on doing it is because when I want to do something, I want to do it - no mucking around and failing.

SO.  Six weeks holiday from OSC.  Who have I been talking to during that time?  I have a friend who has 4 children, and (by her accounts) puts on weight when pregnant.  Each time her babies are weaned, she says, "Right, now I will lose the weight," and she does.  She just does.  ("Wha-?")  She has got a lot of sensible, common-sense ideas, but the difference seems to be that it's more structured than my previous "It's healthy so I will eat it" approach. AND she is low-pressure.  I need that.

What have I been reading?  My friend gave me some books.  She picks ideas from each of them and does what feels right.  So I have done the same.  I've focussed on how my body feels energetic with a bit of protein in it, and how my carbs really need to be sensible.  This has meant switching to wholemeal bread and pasta, and not eating anything white.  Yum!  (No, seriously, yum!) 

Other things I have read:
This post made me think I was doing better than I'd previously thought.
This post intrigued me. "Nothing more to see here."  I thought I'd give it a go, and that brings me to:

What have I been eating?  I have steadfastly maintained that one shouldn't need to count kilojoules and all that palaver but that second link above?  It made me decide to give it a go.  I will let you know how things work out.  If the scales don't show any difference after a few weeks, I'll go and read that first link again and buy another pair of super-control Magic Knickers.  Whatever.

What have I been doing?  Well, as per the title of this post, the weather has been splendid!  This, coupled with the fact that my husband sort of -oops- slightly smashed various parts of our car up (an unblogged experience because what do you say?) leaving me with some carless school pickups has had us out and about, huffing and puffing up and down hills with a heavy double stroller.  Great exercise!  We also have a park at the bottom of our hill, and have gone there and back with the stroller too in the lovely Autumn weather.  I've been doing some weight resistance training with dumbbells and some modified situps as well.

I've also been spending some fantastic time in the water (which I love!) working up from 20 laps of our town's 50m pool (1km) going about 1.8km/h up to today's effort of 40 laps (2km) going about 2.4km/h, and finding that I've been needing fewer and shorter rests and breaks.  Which one day is CERTAIN to be horribly and unintentionally spoonerised, causing me to announce to an acquaintance or an in-law that I require fewer breasts and rakes.  I just know it is going to happen.

I can't go more than a few days with some exercise right now, and am loving it.  Bathroom scales be damned, I won't mind all that much if I never lose any weight and am doomed to carry this 4-month-ish belly around on my non-pregnant frame forever.  I am enjoying good nutrition and regular exercise, and that's good enough for me.

Weigh in LLL

Hi All,
I know I wasn't going to report today, but I changed my mind. I did weigh today and the result is 63.9kg, that is down a bit, 500g on last week.
I have been trying to get myself into the right head space to start the diet all over again. In March I lost a little and for April practically nothing. It therefore seems to me that I have put myself out of the zone for weight loss although maintaining has been good. So I need to start again, which isn't bad after 7 months. So my plan is to start again on Monday. I just know the Easter Bunny will bring me a mars bar, so I can have that eaten, and today we went for home made cheesecake, the shop was flooded in Jan and has only reopened last week. So that fix is out of the way. So for 2 weeks I will need to be strict on eating and exercising.
Last weekend I knew I would over eat although not by much and to compensate for that I did no exercise the combination wasn't good.
So a new plan for May, but I will get a head start and we will see what happens from now on.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Baa-aack! (HJ)

Well, you probably don't need to know all the ups and downs that have happened since the 14 January. I've just noticed that I don't have too many posts in between then and now. So, drumroll, please.....

Weight: 14 Jan 76kg - that was a goal. Then I totally lost the plot and have bounced lots. I was back to 76.2kg last week, but didn't report here
Today 75.6kg
Δ 400g LOSS (600g in a week)
Total Δ 5.4kg


14 Jan 93cm
Today 94.5cm
Δ 1.5cm gain
Total Δ 4.5cm

And I have walked a couple of times this week, and this morning did 5 minutes rowing. I've been too tired to contemplate exercise of any kind for a couple of months. I'm starting again slowly and will see what happens. Here's to finding some time to exercise!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Stuck LLL

I have been working hard and increased exercise as the loss slowed almost to a stop and nothing has improved. My weight is 64.4kg and that is .2 up on last week. I did have a drop and a bounce. So I know that something can happen.
Nothing will happen this week, we have a family party on Saturday and this will entail a lot of yummy food and that will have to be eaten. So don't expect a report next week.
On the good side yesterday I walked home from town about 4km. I used to do it in 35 mins and yesterday I did it in 38 mins so not bad and my leg is feeling ok today. So all the exercise is paying off well.
See you all sometime, if anyone is out there anymore.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another week LLL

Another week has passed and I have had ups and downs. One really impressive down but it didn't last. Today my total is 64.2kg which is down .2 on last week. I really preferred the 1kg drop I had on Monday. Anyway I have added to my exercise this week with 5 mins rowing. This should be building muscle so I didn't expect a weight drop. My size has gone down, I have lost some fat lumps and for the first time in years I can feel my hip bones. They weren't lost after all.
My total for March was only .7kg which was disappointing, but never mind it is better than nothing.
Today is cooler and I decided that a long sleeve shirt would be good, and now I go through all the clothes drama again. No shirts fit and some are so old that they are not worth altering. So that leaves a dilemma. On the other hand I have found a pair of slacks that again fit. I will have to do something soon.
Today I went to Aldi and bought a folding walking stick, so I think this officially makes me an old lady. I want it for security while on holidays and doing a lot of walking and climbing.