What on earth is Operation Skinny Cow?

Operation Skinny Cow was born after a few of us in Blogland decided it might be nice to lose some weight and/or get a bit fitter. We decided it would be even nicer if we encouraged each other along the way.

You can read about how it started in this post.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What part of "Forever" do I not understand?

Well, you remember how this whole Skinny Cow thing started?

I had blogged on my site that I really needed to do something about my weight. I was going to slowly but surely get fitter and start eating less of the right kind of food (and obviously much less - or approximately none - of the wrong kind of food). It struck a chord with a number of people and so the Skinny Cow Co-operative was born.

And I was doing really well until Christmas time, where I started to bounce and bit and then the wheels fell off for me entirely in about March. *sigh*

So here I go again - only 0.6 of a kilo off my original starting weight. I've put myself back into First Grade Weighloss and am trying to summon up the strength to get back on the wagon.

The fact that I'm trying to summon up that strength does not bode well. You see, I will need to be entirely committed if I'm to get back into shape. I'm wondering if the thought of being a model for our Church's Fashion Parade in October is sufficient to get me back to 68kg.

I want to get back to 68kg.

At this point I'm not aiming for much beyond that, because that is the weight the wheels always fall off. Between now and then I need to get my head around it, but it's a good starting aim because it is achievable.

I will have to ignore the winter allure of custard and steamed pudding desserts every night, and the temptation to eat more because it's cold.

I'm guessing that in the week following the 19th August I might manage to lose heaps of weight. That's the date I'm getting all four wisdom teeth out and I'm guessing that eating is not going to be pleasurable for a bit.

So enough of the whinging!

This week I will:
1. Allow myself two desserts and two other naughties.
2. I will row three times
3. I will do a half-hour walk three times.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday! (Eizelby)

Last time: 70kg
Today: 67.25kg
So: a loss of 2.75kg!

The last time I weighed in was over two months ago, so the amount is not impressive, but my lack of commitment to posting here reflects lack of commitment to weight management.

May and June were tumultuous months. I spent a few days sick in bed eating nothing but ice chips which helped with weight loss in May (I got to a little less than I am now), but once I got back onto food I dropped the ball and didn't care what I ate, walked less due to the cool and rainy weather, and generally wasn't living in a healthy way.

However, inexplicably, in the past few weeks I have been WANTING to eat better. I have been CRAVING vegetables and fruits more than ice cream! That never happens. I think my body has finally gotten fed up with my terrible eating habits and has decided to teach me good eating habits itself! Awesome! Weather has also been better and, due to my healthier diet, I have more energy to walk.

I am also finally getting on top of my low GI eating. I love that I can eat what I want: no cutting out chocolate, I eat it almost every day, just in little doses. That way, I avoid the sugar cravings. Cutting stuff out that I really love and crave always ends up doing more damage later on.

The end is in sight!