What on earth is Operation Skinny Cow?

Operation Skinny Cow was born after a few of us in Blogland decided it might be nice to lose some weight and/or get a bit fitter. We decided it would be even nicer if we encouraged each other along the way.

You can read about how it started in this post.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where has Manda been?

Sorry everyone! Here is a good update for what has been going on in the last few weeks:

1) I have weighed in at weights between 70.1 and 70.6. I'm not really too worried by this, as,

2) I am trying hard to care less about what I weigh! I feel a little too good about myself with my weight, so now I am concentrating on being happy about what has happened, but not prideful.

3) I'm having a lot of fun excercising! I am doing basketball still, but now have started doing Taekwondo as well (which is fun, but also rather intense physically). I love doing things I used to be too weak for.

4) I am running out of clothes that fit. I have three pairs of pants (size 14), a skirt (size 14) and three shirts (size 14) that are too big for me to seriously wear to work. While this is great news, it means I have to do a wash every three days (given that I am washing for one, that's a bad sign). So it's off to the shops for me again.

Will check in again soon,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday (Femina)

Last week: 71.6kg
Today: 72.1kg
Difference: 500g gain

This isn't really a surprise. Last week was a fluke - it was actually the only day in the last fortnight where I weighed under 72kg and I know it was because I'd lost my appetite slightly with stress. Good news... my appetite is back now! :) And I'm still 400g lighter than I was before the little episode of stress so I'm counting this gain as a loss, which makes it a gain, right?? (If you can follow that logic it means you have a brain like mine. You should be deeply afraid.)

Weigh-In Wednesday (Eizelby)

Last time: 71.2kg
Today: 69.15
So: About 2 kgs lost

But please don't read this incorrectly - last weigh-in was on Feb 4th and I went down to 68 about two weeks ago, but then birthday happened and my sugar intake skyrocketed and I haven't been able to get it back down. For instance: in the last 24 hours I consumed an entire KitKat chocolate bar. Not the regular size. It was a decent chocolate block size. Bad, bad Eizelby. And it was just after I ordered a bowl of vegies when everyone else ordered pizza!

Help, oh help, I am fast losing motivation!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weigh-In (HJ)

Everything is exactly the same.

Is there anything left to say?.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday (Femina)

Last week: 72.5kg
Today: 71.6kg
Loss: 900g

I'm definitely celebrating this... but with the disclaimer that it's almost certainly because I've been a bit stressed and haven't been eating much. (The disclaimer is to soften the blow for myself when I put this weight back on in a week!) Still, a loss is a loss is a loss...

I still haven't been to the gym. I'm not even sure I remember where it is now... oh dear. I shall make an effort to get there this week. Unfortunately my gym buddies have also been quite stressed and going through some hard times so with all three of us down there's been no one to spur the others on. Maybe we should have had an agreement that only two of us were allowed to be stressed at the one time.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

So the Buck Stops Here and Now

I've been a very bad little bovine.

I've been eating my head off.

I've been slack about exercising.

I haven't been game to weigh in, and if I did I didn't want to talk/blog about it.

... And it's all been going on for a few weeks now.

It's been busy. Good excuse? The thing is there are very few times that I'm not going to be busy. I'm also moving from a job where things are always urgent (everyone wants their job done yesterday) to one where things will be both urgent and important (in a few weeks I'm being commissioned as a pastor at my church).

So busy simply can't afford to be an excuse any longer.

Good food being easily available can't afford to be an excuse any longer, either. Do you know how well people eat in churches?

So today I draw a line in the sand and say, "No more excuses."

I will update my weightloss ticker on my blog to show the negative.

I rule off my trendy spreadsheet and start my second grade of weightloss over again. And this time I'm mentioning numbers (but just remember that I'm not tall, therefore they are small numbers compared to some)

So here are the numbers:

Weight today - 70.6kg (yes, over the magic round number I'm never going to see again)
Gain since last time I blogged - 1.4kg
Total loss to date - 5.4kg
Loss left to go - 10.6kg

I should easily lose some weight this week because yesterday I did the pointless tomorrow-I'm-going-to-start-being-good-again splurge.

So now I'm going off to row.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday (Femina)

Last time: 72.6kg
Today: 72.5kg
Loss: 100g

If I were a contestant on The Biggest Loser I'd probably be in floods of tears that I hadn't lost 6kg in a week, but as I'm not a contestant on The Biggest Loser and I'd like to keep the weight off long term so I don't have to go on TV advertising diet 'shakes', I'm actually quite content with 100g. Yeah, it's tiny, but it's tiny in the right direction and that's all that matters to me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Weigh! (Donners)

I don't know if I established my goals very clearly but I am not going to weigh-in, because my problem isn't weight, it's greed and that's why I joined OSC - to be accountable for my attitude towards food.

I did okay this week, I am trying to see food as something that is a good gift to enjoy, not as entertainment when I am bored, tired or lacking the motivation to do other things - I think I was better this week.I am trying to see food as something that I need regularly for energy and nourishment - rather than to meet my felt need. I was definately better at that!

My health ( ongoing problems) was bad today which leads to exhaustion, nausea, back and abdominal pain and I had to go home early - which was frustrating. I had missed my medication for the day which gave me an even worse reaction than usual. It was amazing how much I watched myself think "I want chocolate, I want melted cheese - I want" - when I was having cramps and other pain!

Food's not going to cut it darling, just have to ride it out - I still had a bit of chocolate and had melted cheese for dinner.

Where's Weigh-In? (Eizelby)

I've had an update on the cards for awhile, titled 'The Day Eizelby Traveled to Target Three Times in Order to Buy a Set of Scales' but it was such an ordeal that it has been difficult to put fingers to keyboard about it. The only thing you need to know is that I now do, in fact, own scales all to myself! I don't like them as much as I did Manda's, despite the fact they are shiny digital Weight Watchers ones, but I digress.

At the moment I am bouncing around the 69/70kg mark. Mid-week I was down to 69.2 (so close to my next goal of 69!), but after a weekend of indulging it's back to 70.6 today. Sigh! It really feels like it can take one bad day to erase a week of healthy living. It's not quite fair, in my opinion.

One thing I have learned from the weekend is that attending a youth group Iron Chef competition where the object is for every team to bake a delicious, appetising cake is NOT a good idea for someone who is trying to resist temptation.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The first Skinny Cow award

In case you missed it, Manda reached her goal last week!  In honour of the occasion, here's a big Skinny Cow star to say well done - we're proud of you!