What on earth is Operation Skinny Cow?

Operation Skinny Cow was born after a few of us in Blogland decided it might be nice to lose some weight and/or get a bit fitter. We decided it would be even nicer if we encouraged each other along the way.

You can read about how it started in this post.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Falling off the wagon, and progressing (Givinya)

I should not be having so many treats (and slices of white bread) but the scales are saying it's not hurting me too much.  Since my scales oscillate quite wildly, I have been watching the trends.

A few weeks ago, the numbers were above 65kg: 66-point-something to 67-point-something.

Over the last week, my numbers have consistently been 65-point-something.

And now, sometimes, I see some interesting 64-point-somethings.

Funny what a little bit of success can do to your resolve - I'm heading back onto that wagon now.

Weigh In Wednesday (Emily Sue)

Last Wednesday my scales said 74.5kg. However, every other day for the preceding week they'd said 73.4kg, and I've weighed myself every day since then and it was always around the seventy-three-point-low-number mark... so I'm taking that as accurate. Therefore...

Last week: 73.4kg
Today: 72.8kg
Difference: 600g loss

Yay. It's still impossible for me to run on my ankle but I'm able to walk without limping and with only a twinge of pain if I go too far or too fast, so I'm currently trying to find the balance where I walk enough to do me good but not so much that I re-injure the ankle.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday.... sort of... (Emily Sue)

So yesterday morning I weighed myself. 73.4kg. Okay, that puts me back to where I was before I started C25K but still not bad considering I haven't been able to exercise. I can live with that.  However, I thought I would weigh myself this morning too, just to make it an official Weigh In Wednesday.


Okay then. I've managed to gain 1.1kg in a day? Well, I did have an exceptionally good hot chocolate in the morning, and a couple of choc wheaten biscuits in the afternoon, but 1.1kg??  Insane... and my scales are not crazy like others I could mention.

I think I'm calling this a No-Weigh Wednesday because I have no idea what I really weigh. I'll be back next week to see if I can lose a kilo overnight instead of gaining it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wit (Manda)

As Tuesday is my day off, I'm now going with a Weigh-in Tuesday. WIT.

Last week, I weighted 73.2
Today, I weighed 73.4, which is a gain of .2 and a loss of 0
Next week, I hope to weigh: 72.8

Will Manda reach her achievable (but-only-if-she-stops-eating-lots-of-chocolate) goal? Will planet earth still be turning in a week? Tune in next time to... Operation Skinny Cow.

Oh THANKS! I think. (Givinya)

I was telling a friend recently that I was going back to work soon, and wouldn't be able to afford any new clothes until a few weeks after I'd started.  She said, "But you'll need new clothes in order to start work."

Firstly - wow.  You have more money than I do sister.

Secondly - what?  You think I NEED new clothes before I start?  What are you saying about my current clothes?

Anyway.  Bygones.

She was recently doing a clear-out of her wardrobe and instead of sending her old stuff off to charity, she decided to give it to me, given my dire clothing situation.

There's some really nice stuff in there!  She's getting rid of it because she doesn't fit it anymore, and this means there are some really nice tops and lined skirts, perfect for work clothes in there.

Problem is, they are H-U-G-E on me.  Just ballooney.

Some tops I can wear without them showing too much chest.  Some skirts I can wear without them dropping straight off my hips and onto the floor.  The rest will go into storage and possibly passed on to charity if I never get large* again.

So that was a nice gesture.

Or was it?

What are you supposed to think when a friend gives you clothes because "you might fit them better than I do" and then you realise they are all quite largely large?

If she had grown too skinny for them, I'd be offended.  But I assume she has grown too big for them, so offense cannot really be taken.

Or can it?

* large = pregnant?  Possibly?  Maybe?  Hopefully?   Twould be nice.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Damp Spirits Add to Weight (Givinya)

Had I remembered to post this Weigh-In Wednesday I would have reported that my scales are most definitely settling on a particular number only 5kg above my goal which seems very encouraging.

However, discouraged by the last few months of good eating and exercise resulting in no actual LOSS despite feeling fitter, thinner and healthier, I have been eating too many treats. 

Whether this has resulted in the scales now saying that another 2kg has come out of nowhere or whether the scales are being their usual cantankerous selves, I do not know.

It is wise to remember that each day we are supposed to drink 2kg (L) of water, and presumably excrete the same, and therefore fluctuations within 2kg are to be expected.  I guess.  I made it up, but it sounds reasonable.

Well.  It rained through the roof of our pergola tonight and drenched not only acres of clean dry folded clothes, but it also drenched my spirits as well.  Perhaps when my spirits dry out in the sunshine tomorrow, I will weigh less.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almost ready for market (HJ)

Does anyone remember the name of the anorexic duck from the movie "Babe"? The depths of my brain are saying "Ferdinand", but I'm not certain.

His idea was that if he didn't put on any weight, he wouldn't be eaten for Christmas dinner.

I think that if I was a duck, I'd be a sitting duck for the dinner table (or a dead duck, if you prefer).

If I were a cow, I'd be fetching a pretty darn impressive price at the weekly sales.

I have lost 0.3kg this week. I think it's probably just muscle loss, because we've been having a week of prayer at 7.15 am all week, and that cuts into my normal row-shower-eat time. There's no point rowing if I can't shower afterwards. I don't belong to a church that uses incense and scented candles, and boy, wouldn't they need to be strong if I hadn't showered after rowing!

I also couldn't say that I've been eating well, either. No siree.

I have, however, done my first lot of 11 sets of stairs today and I didn't die. Is good.

For some reason I don't feel terribly motivated by those 300g going missing, possibly because the actual number is still not worth getting excited about (or mentioning in cyberspace).

Hope that you all are getting some happy numbers, or at least feeling better about your exercise levels.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blobby blobs of blobbiness

An astute Skinny Cow may glean from my post title that I haven't quite been on track recently. Sure, I have an injury (which may, in fact, be a stress fracture - waiting for x-ray results) but that doesn't mean I necessarily needed to eat all those chocolate coated ice creams. Or the barbecue chips. Or the chocolate biscuits. Or the sausages/bacon/mushroom fry-up from the other night.  Don't you love the logic? "I can't exercise, so I'll triple my caloric intake, and make sure most of it is fat and sugar."

And in a Burst Of The Ironic, I ate much of this whilst lying on the couch watching The Biggest Loser.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The dog ate my homework (HJ)

... or the computer ate my post. Take your pick of excuse.

Had a long story about how good I was with the exercise last week and how my weight had gone up, but that was okay, because I was feeling better in myself, and as if the number on the scales matters.

Then the computer ate it and then wouldn't let me make any posts on Saturday.

This week my exercise rate is not as great and my eating has been atrocious.

I promise I won't post the recipe for a killer chocolate cake that you can make in a large coffee mug in about 5 minutes with the aid of your microwave. No mixing bowls, only a mug and a couple of spoons. It is particularly nice still warm, served with ice-cream.

The only good thing is that I've been sharing with my Beloved, so it's not the WHOLE mug cake I've been eating.

You girls, keep up your exercise, I'm off to... (hesitates longingly)... go to sleep.

Weigh-In Wednesday (Givinya)

My scales don't show any change (bar the usual craziness I've come to expect from my manic scales) however I feel great, and I think I am even looking better.  I am going to deem that THAT COUNTS.

Weigh in Wednesday (SJ)

So I bravely jumped on the scales today after a week of walking the school run....

600g down. Cool. Now if I just alter my eating a bit better I should start losing more [hopefully].