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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nothing to see here, people (HJ)

So a few weeks later and I'm doing 20 mins on the rowing machine, and still riding my bike about three times in the week (although the rainy days have pulled that count down this week), and I'm now at the end of my week of doing the steps 8 times.

I did actually have a second bike ride one day last week, and I did not die.

But still no change in the weight stakes. (still wobbling around the horrible round number I don't want to think about)

What do you mean I've got to make some better food choices?

1 comment:

Emily Sue said...

Sounds like your fitness is increasing. That will be helpful for traipsing around ancient ruins! :)

Yes, better food choices. Because you're WORTH IT. (My counsellor thought it was hilarious that you were quoting her, by the way. She's being quoted in Qld by someone who met her once for 2 minutes... world domination is surely just around the corner.)