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Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Down (HJ)

I made it to just under the horrible number I don't want to think about, much less talk about. (Like 0.1kg under, but hey...)

I've increased my rowing to 15 minutes about 4 times a week because I think it's time for a challenge.

I'm not having to put my bike down to first gear for the long slog up the hill from town anymore, and I've been doing about three trips into town each week. I'm not up to much more distance than that (2km) or for that matter riding to two things in the one day. But it's a start.

But last week my challenge was to go up and down the stairs 5 times 3-4 times a week. Different muscle set and for me going up has always been really hard work. It occurs to me that if I want to get to the monastery at Meteora or to the top of Mt Nebo to see where Moses got to watch the Israelites cross the Jordan in June/July this year I will need to improve my ability to go up. Or at least, I will enjoy the trip more if I do.

So, the plan is to be able to go up & down the internal stairs 20 times in a row. This week I've increased it to 6 times and I'm surprised I'm not dead. Or having weird heart-y things.

So I must be getting fitter, right?


Emily Sue said...

Yay for fitter! Which means the numbers on your scales will be screwy with muscle weight, so you've probably lost more than you think.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I'm definitely going with the muscles weigh WAY more, thing. ;) Feeling more trim around the middle, but pants not yet falling down. This is for the weird reason that I tend to loose bulk above and below my widest points before the widest points themselves get any thinner. Which is very depressing.