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Friday, February 3, 2012

No progress, LLL

Hi All,
I have some excuses instead of progress. I had a birthday that was celebrated 3 times on 3 different days. One included cheesecake. The weather became doubtful, although we had very little rain, but it was an excuse not to walk. That led to the inevitable, I had an extremely bad leg cramp during one night and that led to no walking, for exercise. I had to get out my stick and take a stroll around the small block to try to get going again. However 2 days with the stick and yesterday I started the usual walk and managed to build up speed as I went and carried my stick all the way. So that is now back to normal.

So I am again around the dreaded 60kg I can't seem to get below it to stay, the scales today couldn't make up their mind so I am either .2 or .3 or .4. However I will keep going getting fit, my man today said he needs more resistance on the rower so I will try that too.

Maybe next week will show some better results.

1 comment:

Hippomanic Jen said...

"one included cheesecake" Are you discounting the cheesecake prepared and decorated lovingly by your daughter, or the chocolate, coffee, and caramel variety you had down the street?

Just asking'.

Good to see you back and getting back in the swing. You'll get there.