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Friday, February 3, 2012

Not an ounce of difference (HJ)

Nup. Not one. None.

(not even having cut all my hair off!)

But on the other hand, I was doing up my belt yesterday and realised that I could easily do it up one hole tighter.

And despite the fact that I accidentally cooked too much quantity of vegetables last night (the pumpkin needed using up) and I was very full after dinner, I didn't even have to let it out.

Which is pretty good, because a large dinner three months ago would have had me undoing my belt entirely because there were no more holes to use. Now I'm on the third hole which must be about 5 cm difference.

And that makes it all worth it. :)

Oh, that's right, "I'm not losing weight, I'm trying to get fitter"...

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