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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Repeat after me... (HJ)

I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to get fit.

I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to get fit.

I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to get fit.

No, it's not working for me either.

I am getting fitter. I'm now at my desired number of minutes of exercise (although the ride my bike to morning prayer count is down for this week due to some beautiful inclement weather we've been having).

And I am not dying as I get up those stairs for the 20th time, although it seems close sometimes.

But I didn't want to fixate on losing weight (which wasn't happening anyway), so I decided to weigh in once a month because there might be a change.

Or not.

80.1kg. I think I was about 80.4 before Christmas.

So it's a pretty good thing that I'm feeling fitter, and not worrying about how much I weigh, isn't it?


Emily Sue said...

Repeat after me:

Muscle weighs more than fat.
You have no idea how much of that is water retention.
Measurements and general well-being are a much more accurate indicator.

(and repeat)

Last time I had my period I was particularly bloated and weighed THREE KILOS heavier that week than the previous week. If I were weighing once a month and I happened to weigh on that day, it wouldn't be a true indicator. This is a long-term project and you will see it more in your clothes and how you feel than on the scales.

Convinced? Good. Now, can you remind ME of everything I just said??

Loony Lace Lady said...

Oh what a disappointment that is. I was hoping that the amount would go down. No more chocolate mousse for you, or me either. Never mind the steps are an improvement and quite necessary for our planned trip in a few months.