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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back in Control LLL

Hi All,
Today I feel that I am back in control of things like exercise and diet. I went on a strict 6 day diet to get things going again, and that worked better than I expected which was good. I have been rowing and walking daily and feeling much better for it. Even yesterday when my body said 'no walk' my mind said 'yes walk' so off I went and felt much better for it.

My weight today is back to 59.6kg, so that is about where I left off so the Christmas weight is gone for good this time (I hope). So back on track and 3 kg to go. I suppose I should aim at 1 kg per month which is what was happening. However I had visitors this am and made some bickies that now have to be eaten. Well I did freeze them, so I hope they stay there.

Hopefully I will stay on track for some time now. It is too difficult to get back on track, much easier to stay there.

Onwards and downwards.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Great news on getting back to where you were.

Are we going out to celebrate 60 again? ; )

Loony Lace Lady said...

Definitely not!! But just wait for Pudd on Sunday and see what happens then.