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Monday, January 9, 2012

This exercise might, just might, be making some difference (HJ)

It's Monday. That's the day to up the challenge in the exercise.

So I'm now doing 16 times up and down the stairs. That's 256 individual steps each way (albeit changing between up and down every 16 repetitions). I've decided I'm going to make it to 20 times, then start pushing the time frame required, and maybe add some weight. 2 kg of flour in my back-pack?

I've also upped the rowing by adding 3 mins of as fast as I can: 2 mins fast, then normal 5 mins, then 1 min fast again. This leaves me with 28 mins total. I don't have time to look at more than 30 mins, so once I hit that I'll just have to increase the fast mins and/or resistance. I will only do the longer row (i.e. more than 20 mins) on days when I'm doing a short bike ride. It keeps it interesting to mix it up a bit.

I made 1050 repetitions this morning. That's impressive to me - into 4 figures!

Not riding my bike for a week between Christmas and New Year has really impacted on my bike-fitness. I'm struggling with the normal 2km, and haven't even considered the longer one last week. (Then again, it could be the heat. Or the fact that I'm doing extra other exercise in the mornings before I go, so I'm tired already before I start.)

I've also been walking the dog a few afternoons in the week. It isn't for fitness, more for fresh air and dog-time and mind-relaxing. It also gets my walking muscles going, so that although the pace I go is no-where near fast enough to keep up with my Mum* it will mean I actually can walk when we go overseas.

So I guess I'm doing stairs, at least 20 mins rowing, and 4 km on the bike about 4 mornings a week. It's got to be doing something, right?

*Yes. The same Mum as was attacked by a dog and hasn't yet regained pain-free mobility. The same Mum who is more than 20 years older than I am. Sad, isn't it?


Emily Sue said...

Wow, you're doing brilliantly! Exercise improvement kind of sneaks up on you. You spend ages thinking it's making no difference at all, then one day realise you're doing the same exercise at twice the speed (or some equivalent measure).

You could always do some push-ups or crunches every time you get to the top of the stairs... ;)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Hmmmm. Have considered your suggestion. I don't see myself doing crunches or push-ups at the top of the stairs. Call me lacking in determination and moral fibre.

I am actually doing three times the number of steps that I started out doing and I was only just making it at the beginning. So I AM more fit. But just not getting loose clothes. I would love to be getting loose clothes, even if that isn't the real point of why I'm doing the exercise.