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Monday, January 16, 2012

I am dumb (but fit!) HJ

Monday. Turn up the exercise!

Now doing 18 times up & down the stairs, added the next two repetitions.

Didn't die.

That was good.

Added an extra single minute of fast time to rowing, making it up to 29 minutes total.

I wasn't dead even yet.

Rode my bike into a headwind to town, only to find that morning prayer wasn't on because all the Anglican clergy are at summer school this week. They had discussed it in my hearing at least twice last week and I failed to connect "Clergy Summer School next week" with "we'll all be away so there will be no morning prayer".

Of course, this means I didn't get my 30 minute sit down for the actual praying part of morning prayer.

So I rode home again, surprisingly against a headwind. Surprising, that is, until I realised that a south easterly wind will be against you for parts of both ways to and from town when town is to the north east of your residence.

I am getting stronger.

But maybe the oxygen deprivation from all this exercise is slowing my brain down.


Emily Sue said...

Not dying is good. Very good. Getting stronger is also rather excellent.

It wouldn't have even occurred to me to question the direction the wind. I would have just thought, "Wow, another head-wind. Bummer."

Emily Sue said...

*direction OF the wind.